Caliper Bolt Brake Adjuster

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Last updated on January 11th, 2020 at 12:25 pm

Caliper Bolt Brake Adjustment tips for boat trailer experts

Electric - Mechanical Brake Cable Adjuster

Electric – Mechanical Brake Cable Adjuster

Caliper bolt brake adjuster will make you an expert on adjusting disc calipers in just a few minutes. Listen closely and I will share with you brake adjustment information even mechanics do not know.

Ok, so the caliper brake adjustment bolt is located on the back of your caliper. What is it for? It is certainly not there for decoration.

Can you see the bolt now? OK, screw it up tight so the pads are locked onto the rotor.

Back the bolt off 1/2 of a turn then tighten the locknut hard into the caliper so it cannot move.

Caliper brake adjustment is that easy.

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This bracket does not adjust brakes

This brake adjuster removes the slack from your wire rope going to your caliper arm.

Your override coupling travels approx 25mm during braking. You can lose the following distances if your caliper nuts as described above is not adjusted correctly.

  • 15mm in cable slackness
  • 5mm in disc pad wear.

So you have now lost 80% of your braking capacity because a bolt has not been adjusted correctly.

Now take your trailer for a drive and test for yourself.

Ok, so you are now a genius and make sure you purchase Couplemate Trailer parts, so we can keep bringing you this terrific helpful information.

Leave me a message on facebook and let me know if your brakes have ever worked better than they are working now.

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