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Drop Leg Stabiliser

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Caravan Stabiliser Jack

Caravan corner steady or stabiliser leg is used to steady caravans when they’re not attached to the tow vehicle.

You might also like to look at caravan dropdown legs as an alternative to corner steadies.

Going camping with the family into the Australian outback is an experience that borders on Aussie tradition. Our culture revels in the joys of activities like camping. The early nomadic aborigines did it, and so did the Europeans who landed here. Now, pretty much everyone who lives here does it.

If there’s one thing that you can safely assume an Australian like, it’s the great outdoors.

Caravan Spares For Your Camping Needs

Once you cross the Black stump, you won’t find any roads. No, you’ll only see the vast, arid, red-orange expanse of incomparable beauty. You might run into a handful of happy marsupials along the way, but apart from that, you’d be lucky find, other humans, during your time there.

So if your vehicle or caravan trailer breaks down there, you’d be in a bit of a mess. If your corner steady jack breaks down, you’ll have to figure out how to repair the damage without a jack to raise and lower the trailer chassis. There’s no reason for this to ruin your trip, though.

Just call Couplemate, and we’ll send all sorts of spare trailer parts to wherever your vehicle or camper trailer parts have broken down. Even if we don’t have a spare corner steady jack in stock, we’ll get one just for you and have it delivered within 48 hours.

Some Key Info On The Caravan Stabiliser Jack

You’d normally install your Caravan Corner Steady Jack on the front of your caravan, but you may also install it on the front.

Here’s the best way to use your Caravan Corner Steady Jack—don’t lift the tyres off the ground. Instead, use your jack to merely take a little weight off the tyres. You don’t need your caravan level, just steady. If you still want to keep it level with the ground, park it on level ground—simple.

That’s about it. Happy camping!

Couplemate sells only the best quality trailer and caravan drop legs throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.