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BMPRO Battery Charger

BMPRO Battery Charger Range for 12V lead-acid and lithium batteries

Smart battery chargers ranging from 4 to 25 Amp – compatible with all types of lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries

DC-to-DC charger, specially designed for recreational vehicle applications

The BMPRO Battery Charging Range is a complete set of automatic battery chargers with between 7-10 charge states designed to increase your battery’s life and performance.

Compatible with 12Volt lead-acid and lithium batteries. Service your car, caravan, farm equipment, communications, truck or boat.

Comment: I have had the BatteryPlus35SR in my Aura van only for a few months so far, I am very impressed with it….. (it) has been faultless, it has kept the van battery in a fully charged state whether on mains or on solar. I have the RVView to monitor the battery voltage (plus input and output current), it works well and is very accurate, this is essential when caravanning at non-powered sites. The resettable fuses on the outputs for the lights and accessories is a great idea; having status LED indicators is also very convenient.

Charles Bulwinkel
BMPRO Customer