Trailer Lights

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  • 100mm x 100mm LED light

    100mm Trailer LED Stop Light

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  • Reflectors for trailers caravans

    Reflectors for Trailers and Caravans

    $2.70 inc GST
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  • CM795-5

    ECU Towbar Wiring Harness Loom Connector

    $109.00 inc GST
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LED Trailer Light and Caravan Lights, Side markets, Number Plate Lights and Reflectors

LED Trailer lights on trailers and caravans give critical information to drivers behind you.

Trailer lamps have applications in many applications, they are

  • submersible trailer lights
  • led trailer lights
  • truck trailer lamps
  • licence plate lamp
  • trailer lights kit

Bulbs fail due to old technology, it is that simple. Broken reflectors are also difficult to source. Many customers find it easier to replace the entire old lamp kit for one of these new LED kits.

ECU Towbar Loom ConnectorMost LED lamps are submersible however, first check this feature before buying.

When an incandescent bulb blows, the lamp has expired and must be replaced.

LED lights have many bulbs within a single light. Should an LED bulb expire, the lamp is still fully functional.

Finally, should the trailer lights make your vehicle lights flicker then install a new ECU that is available here?