Tuson Caravan Sway Control (TSC-1000)

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Tuson Sway Control (TSC) is the most intelligent electronic sway control system available. Electronic Sway control continuously monitors trailer yaw and rapidly identifies a trailer sway condition.

Tuson Sway control is popular for use on Alko and Dexter electric braking systems. (Note: Wholesale prices available to trailer builders or repairers. If you are interested in installing this sway control, we invite you to contact Couplemate.)

Electronic sway control is activated by unexpected sway from normal driving conditions. Examples are:

  • Variations in side winds.
  • passing semi-trailers and Buses
  • Windy terrains

Expect the unexpected when driving on the highway, especially the interstate highways. Tucson sway control constantly monitors your trailer or caravan, adjusting sway when necessary.

The caravan in this video had no sway control.

Caravan rollover reported on Channel 7 News. For more on this story, click this link.

Video courtesy of 4MK (Mackay)

A patented asymmetric system (independent left and right side braking) continuously monitors trailer yaw. A trailer sway condition is rapidly identified and as a result, applies braking force on one side of the trailer, directly counteracting trailer sway with minimal speed loss and greater stability control.

Each TSC comes with a wired red/green LED light to show the functional status of the unit with different flashing modes for diagnostic troubleshooting and is designed to be mounted on the trailer in an easy to see the location from your tow vehicle mirrors.

The TSC is wired directly into the trailer braking system and automatically adjusts to improve braking effectiveness, and even detect off-road towing conditions.

Sway Bars and Friction Control

The latest electronic sway control is considered more effective than mechanical sway control. Friction control couplings and mechanical sway bars become a secondary tool for anti-sway, but are they needed at all?

Tow Ball or Coupling Weight

Coupling head weight is the first step in sway control. Head weights for tandem trailers under 5% – 7% for caravans will cause sway problem. Weight over 7% add to your car suspension and may lift your headlights.

Coupler head weight between 7% and 10% are suitable for single axle trailers.

Tandem axles naturally sway less tan single axles as a result of the greater amount of road friction applied by tandem axle groups.

Therefore, coupling head weight is critical when towing a caravan.

Aftermarket Trailer Brake Controllers

The TSC has been tested with various aftermarket brake controllers without experiencing compatibility issues. This list is not exhaustive and if your brake controller is not listed, it may still work.

  • RedArc
  • Tekonsha
  • DirecLink
  • Curt
  • Draw-Tite
  • Hayes
  • Hopkins

Fastest Activation and Reaction Time

The Tuson sway controller measures the angle, travel distance, proper braking pressure and speed of the lateral motion of the trailer. As a result, the controller quickly gets ahead of sway events and applies the brakes on the correct side of the trailer, where necessary.

Fully Sealed Water Proof

The Tuson sway controller is fully sealed and waterproof.

LED Status Light

The control box status is provided via the RED / GREEN LED attached to a 3-meter cable. Mount the LED in a location that can be seen by the driver.

Video: How can I reduce Caravan Sway?. 

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Tuson Caravan Sway Control

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality Tuson Caravan Sway Control (TSC-1000) and caravan spare parts throughout Australia. Customers are welcome to either pickup or take advantage of our low freight rates. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.

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