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Gas Struts

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  • Caravan Gas Stainless Strut Brackets

    Caravan Gas Strut Stainless Brackets

    $7.50$8.10 inc GST
  • caravan gas struts

    Caravan Gas Struts

    $18.56$20.14 inc GST

Caravan Gas Struts

Caravan Gas Struts are manufactured to provide gas strut solutions, from high volume gas springs to custom gas springs.

Gas struts open, close, tilt or dampen flaps or doors in a number of industries.

Couplemate stock a good range of struts and stainless internal and external fixings, in a range of sizes.

Alternatively, install struts on toolbox doors, trays and virtually anything that opens and shuts.

The lastest struts are electrically operated and controlled by infrared controllers. A good example is the rear door of late-model cars.

Finally, we only stock gas struts that are listed.