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Caravan Axle Kits

Electric Axle Kits | Made in Australia | Guaranteed for life

At Couplemate, we custom-make Caravan Axle Kits (Electric Brakes and Unbraked Axles) at our facility, ensuring the right fit—and high quality.

How do I know to replace my axle/

Caravan axles do not last forever given the extra loading from weight over time. There are other factors that can cause axles to be replaced, they include

  • Vibration fatigue from an overloaded axle causes premature aging of springs and bearings. Worn bearings will cause the axle to be marked or discoloured, and as a result, replace and upgrade the axle.

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At Couplemate, we offered all these—and more—at Australia’s best prices, especially on our Australian made axles and galvanised axles.

The Assurance Of Quality

Our machinists test inner and outer bearing profiles before they remove the axles from caravan and boat trailer axles from the CNC Lathe, ensuring a quality end product. We also run a finishing tool over the machine surface. This ensures there are no scuff marks to shorten axle life.

Worn tooling causes a badly machined bearing journal. Axle rejects is a result of worn tooling.

Also, a skilled CNC technician will run his thumbnail over a freshly machined axle profile to check for worn tooling. Anything that doesn’t make the cut will be replaced with fresh tooling inserts.

Worn tooling can cause a rough finish to axle profiles. These roughly finished axles have poor bearing life because the ID of the bearing isn’t completely bedded into the axle surface. As a result, the bearing journal will be sitting on ridges created from the worn tooling.

Only a skilled CNC technician will be able to pick up on journals that have been machined with worn journals.

Couplemate sells only the best quality Caravan Axles & Kits throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.