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  • 45mm Square Overlay Axle SL

    45mm Square Overlay Axle SL – Australian Made

    $201.73 inc GST
  • 45mm Square Overlay Axle Parallel

    $214.88 inc GST
  • 45mm Square x 100mm Drop Axle SL

    45mm Square x 100mm Drop Axle SL – Australian Made

    $401.15 inc GST
  • 45mm Square x 100mm Drop Axle PLL  – Australian Made

    45mm Square x 100mm Drop Axle PLL – Australian Made

    $421.25 inc GST
  • 50mm Square Overlay Axle

    50mm Square Overlay Axle 2t – Australian Made

    $439.00 inc GST
  • 50mm Square x 4" Drop Axle

    50mm Square x 4″ Drop Axle 2t – Australian Made

    $491.41 inc GST
  • 50mm Square Axle

    50mm Square Axle

    $194.46$293.36 inc GST
  • 60mm Round Axle

    60mm Round Trailer Axle 2t or 3t

    $235.79$296.74 inc GST

Axles Drop and Overlay Australian
To lower your trailer deck height, these Axles—Drop and Overlay(Australian-made)—are your best option.

All of these come to life during the weekend. Fishing is one of Aussie’s most popular activities, with over 5000 species of aquatic life offering something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into catch-and-release, big game fishing, or angling. You’re sure to find an Aussie fishing spot that caters to your interests.

When it comes to your boat trailer, it’s great to have a reduced deck height—this makes your overall setup more aerodynamic, and less prone to wobbling and turning over. You can use Couplemate’s drop and overlay axles—Australian-made—to help you achieve this.
Spares At Couplemate
You can simply load the boat onto your trailer, or get the old caravan out, and be on your way. Ensure, though, that all your trailer spares are in order. Plus, it’s always best to have the right trailer spare parts handy at all times. Especially if you’re making your way across the Never Never, it’s best to have a set of boat trailer spares or caravan spares handy.

This is what we provide at Couplemate—a comprehensive set of spares for your trailer, caravan, camper, or 4WD ute. This includes a set of quality drop and overlay axles (Australian-made). We also provide galvanized marine axle kits, Australian-made caravan axles, and stub axles, made from Western Australian iron ore.

Wherever your chosen fishing spot, you can rest assured that Couplemate will have your spare parts needs covered. We provide services throughout the country. Using our extensive service network, we can get you the parts you need, wherever you need them.

Even if we don’t currently have it in stock, we still have our massive supplier chain for you to fall back on!
Some Info On Your Drop Axles (Australian-Made)
We manufacture drop axles, and 3-inch and 4-inch overlay to suit 45mm square and 50mm square axle beams. The profiles include slimline, parallel, and 2-tonne. Our axle technicians have developed hydraulic jigs to get it these right the first time.

Drop axles could have a habit of tyre wear on the toe-in side of the tyre. This usually happens when your trailer is overweight, or when technicians install the wrong camber on the drop stub axle. Your drop axle can also suffer toe-out, which is a sign of light loads not putting enough pressure on the stub axle.

Drop axles are designed to carry a specific weight. If underloaded or overloaded, these drop axles can cause tyre wear. The best way to stop tyre wear is to measure your axle installation before tyre wear starts. You will need a straight edge and a steel right angle to do this task.

Couplemate sells quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

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