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  • Caravan Reversing Guide

    Caravan Reversing Guide and Lock 2.5t

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    The Original Couplemate

    The Original Couplemate – Marriage Saver

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  • Couplemate Base Plate

    Couplemate Base Plate 2.5t

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  • Couplemate Heavy Duty Base Plate

    Couplemate Heavy Duty Base Plate 3.5t

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  • Heavy Duty Trailer Guide and Lock 4.5t Rated

    Heavy Duty Trailer Guide and Lock 3.5t Rated

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  • Couplemate Guide Spacer Washer

    Couplemate Guide Spacer Washer

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Couplemate Marriage Saver

If you’ve ever tried to hitch a trailer, you’ll know that it can totally destroy your car and your ego in the process. This is where the Couplemate Marriage Saver comes in.

Even the best drivers struggle to get the trailer coupling in place the first few times. And a few unlucky ones have had to deal with some serious damage to their cars and their trailers. And that’s just because they reversed their 4x4s a few millimetres to the wrong side.

Why You Need Couplemate’s Marriage Saver

More than anything, the most frustrating part about failed trailer hitching attempts is that it spoils your outback trip before it even starts. You may manage to get it right after multiple failed attempts. But you’ll probably not be in the best of moods to drive through the rocky Aussie terrain.

You can pick from a number of complicated caravan trailer couplings in the market. No matter what you buy though, getting that alignment just right is quite tricky. You need a system that saves your trailer damage and doesn’t induce stress while hitching your trailer.

What you need, then, is the Couplemate Marriage Saver. This ingenious trailer guiding mechanism is the easiest and best way to hitch your caravan trailer. Furthermore, the Couplemate Marriage Saver is designed for easy attachment to the rear towing hook of any vehicle.

What It Is, And How It Works

Couplemate’s Marriage Saver is Australia’s best selling caravan accessory. A couple of mates, Roland and Bethyl Thompson, invented this Couplemate trailer guide. Roland and Bethyl are the Leyland brothers of Caravans and Campers.

Rols and Bethyl have both retired now. Nevertheless, the Couplemate trailer guide remains the best selling caravan accessory ever.

The two-part device consists of a base plate and a metal guide. Position the trailer coupling right above the tow ball. You can now easily attach your caravan trailer whenever required. The trailer guide can be detached after a successful coupling has occurred. This means that you can leave the base plate attached; it doesn’t cause any interference with your hitching mechanism.

Use the Couplemate Marriage Saver for a quick and hassle-free union of your trailer and your vehicle.

Couplemate sells only the best quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

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