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Couplemate Trailer Parts

The Original Couplemate – Marriage Saver

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The Original Couplemate – Christmas Sale (The Marriage Saver). There is no better time to buy than now. 

First, reversing cameras are great but they do not stop accidents as efficiently as this trailer guide.

Hank: My Prado has a reversing camera, not a very good one though, which I use when hooking up. I also bought a marriage saver (Couplemate), a bit old hat but it works. It is too easy to reverse back that little bit too much and ding your rear bumper, the couplemate stops that.

Chris Lilley: Best investment we made….One of us would have done jail time otherwise.

This is the very first Couplemate trailer guide design and a collector’s item. Look at the image top left, yes that is the one.

The original Couplemate has no locking feature. The locking feature came along in 1999

For those folks who prefer a reversing camera, great item yes but they will not stop the ding in the back of your car if you get distracted.

Secondly, the Couplemate® Trailer Guide (Marriage Saver®) makes hitching up your caravan/boat or camper easier than ever! It takes just  SECONDS and prevents those awkward ‘oh damn’ moments!

Thirdly, reversing cameras are great but they will not stop you accidentally hitting the caravan coupling. Our reversing guide helps stop the damage.

NOTE: Fits all highway electric and non-electric couplings. Does not fit any off-road coupling.

What is the difference between locking and no locking wing?

The image on the far left is this product. It cannot be locked into the locking vertical position.

Image 2 is the more expensive lockable version.

Some folks like to insert the wing vertically when travelling to get the full benefit of the locking feature. Worn tow balls and couplings make it impossible for the coupling to accidentally become disengaged.

The premium trailer guide is located here.

The Original Couplemate Marriage Saver

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Dimensions30 × 13 × 12 cm

3 reviews for The Original Couplemate – Marriage Saver

  1. Darryl Forrest

    Very handy Useful or both hitching and unhitching Saved the vehicle a couple of times and still married

  2. Andrew Craft

    Jo Martin

  3. Bradly Dawes

    Best thing ever

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