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Safety Chains | Truck Chain Holders | Shackles

Safety Chain and Attachments for the smallest of trailers up to 30t Trucks. Galvanised chain, rated shackles and G80 high tensile chain.

It can be really tricky to know how your rig and tow vehicle should be attached to chains.

Regulations and interpretations are often confusing.

If you want to keep ahead of the opinion and want the right opinion, call Couplemate with your questions.

Our team of experts are able to answer any questions for any rig combination.

So lets keep it simple

  • Caravans use galvanised chain, dee shackles and hammerlocks up to 3.5t.
  • Trucks and caravans over 3.5t use the Yellow Herc allow chain and safety chain hiolders.

No dee shackles to join chain to the trailer. Not permitted.