U-Bolt Kits

U-Bolt Kits

The importance of u bolts kits is greatly underestimated in the caravan and trailer industry.

The problem with U-Bolt kits they are not understood. Perhaps, the engineering is too simple.

Springs and axles are clamped together under a caravan or trailer to form the essential components of a suspension system.

U bolts for caravans are made from mild steel and in some cases, galvanised.

There is a debate about the diminished rating caused by the galvanising process. The debate is quickly resolved when it is realised that u bolts, from reputable companies, are tested after the galvanising process.

It is essential to cure u bolts after galvanising, otherwise, stress fractures develop. Breakage occurs on the stress fracture.

The curing process removes the hydrogen embrittlement that causes a stress fracture.

Square u bolts are more susceptible to breakage than round u bolts. Breakage generally occurs on the corner of the u-bolt.

What is the curing process?

U bolts are re-heated and allowed to cool to ambient temperature over 3 or 4 hours.

Finally, the possibility of breaking stressed u bolts by hand is great. So serious we consider this issue, that u bolts made by Couplemate are stress tested before sale.

Why U-bolts may be the Major Cause of Accidents

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