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Caravan Wheel Studs and Nuts

Wheel studs and nuts for a wide variety of Hubs, Drums and Disc Rotors. Al-ko, Dexter brand are stock items. Lug or Chome nuts.

Wheel nuts are one of the last things checked or never checked before embarking on out into the highway.

Sadly, studs can snap and cause a few days of an unexpected delay.

How can studs snap?

Studs inserted in hubs, drum and disc rotors are high tensile steel, so you would not think they would break easily.

Caravanners have reported broken studs whilst other caravanners have no problem. So what is the issue?

Rough, corrugated roads loosen wheel nuts.

Experienced caravanners check the tightness of their wheel nuts each morning before setting off for a day travel.

Keep the wheel nuts checked and tight, help prevent broken wheel studs.

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