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Caravan Shock Absorbers

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Caravan Shock Absorbers

Caravan damage from roads can be disastrous.

shock absorber diagramThe science of Caravan/Camper shock absorbers is all too simple. Remove energy created by rough roads by the use of a dampener.

Dampeners are called Caravan Shock Absorbers and are available here.

Early last century, Henry Ford thought shock absorbers were not essential equipment on his cars.

Henry said, “the driver and passengers are the shock absorbers”.

Caravans, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and Off-Road Utility trailers all suffer from vibrations caused by corrugated for rough road conditions.

Road Vibrations and Fatigue

Road vibrations cause not only excess wear and tear on caravan components like bearings, but also cause excessive wear and tear on household components inside your unit.

Caravan shock absorbers help reduce bearing wear by dampening the road shocks transmitted through the bearings.

You might also like to read about vibration fatigue in your caravan.

The visual impact of wear and tear on your household components is quite evident after a trip in the outback.

Rough road conditions can affect the fit and operation of quite expensive components like refrigerators, stoves, and other items in your caravan.

Caravan Shock AbsorbersCouplemate Trailer Parts, a long time Australian supplier of caravan shock absorbers, Vehicle & Camper Trailer suspension parts, is pleased to announce its latest product release, this being a line of shock absorber products specifically for Caravans and Off-road Campers.

Americans have been hitting the wide-open road with recreational vehicles and off-road equipment for years now.

Enjoying this lifestyle has been a part of being a “Grey Brigade” fraternity.

Future generations are now embracing the culture of hitting the open road as Mum and Dad have done

Couplemate Trailer Parts is well-known as the manufacturer of “The Marriage Saver” or Trailer Guide.

Exceeding allowed range of Spring Movement (rebound)

Couplemate Trailer Parts also suggest that without the use of shock absorbers while doing off-road trips, your RV or trailer will have a “bouncing” ride. Energy is stored in the spring and then released to the trailer, possibly exceeding the allowed range of spring movement.

The image below is the correct way to install your shock absorbers using our shock absorber bracket kit.

To assist with the controlling of excessive suspension movement without shock absorption requires the use of stiffer (higher rate) springs, which would, in turn, lead a “harsh” ride.

Shock absorbers allow the use of soft (lower rate) springs while controlling the rate of suspension movement in response to bumps.

Shock absorbers dampen the motion of the unsprung weight in the direction of spring travel.

Caravan springs do not absorb shock, as springs only store and do not dissipate or absorb energy.

Science has not changed since Henry Ford’s days. If it’s got wheels then it probably needs shock absorbers.

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    Henry Ford thought shock absorbers were NOT NOT NOT essential equipment on his cars.

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