AL-KO IRS Shock Absorber


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AL-KO IRS Shock Absorber

AL-KO IRS Shock Absorber (Blue) and (Red) are only suitable for Al-ko IRS axle groups.

  • Blue rating is 1350kg per axle (2700kg Tandem Capacity)
  • The red rating is 1800kg per axle (3600kg Tandem Capacity)

IRS shock absorbers operate in reverse to standard shock absorbers and are, therefore, ineffective for common beam axles.

Service Agents

Caravan service agents should check shock absorbers on all IRS trailers and caravans. We would also recommend installing this equipment on IRS suspension on boat trailers.

irs blue shock absorberWhen dampeners are worn or lose compression or rebound compression, they should be replaced. 

For a long time, drivers have been worried about trailer vibrations on uneven roads. Until now, conventional standard shock absorbers have barely delivered a noticeable improvement in driving safety.

Medium trailer weights (2.0 t) per axle achieve optimum damping.

Damping in the lower weight range is excessive, causing trailer bumps and jolts, while the damping in the upper weight range is inadequate.

On the other hand, AL-KO Octagon axle shock absorbers improve the trailer’s drive characteristics and provide optimum damping – thanks to precise, weight-based tuning.

Purchase beam and off-road shock absorbers here.

Your advantage

  • Ideal damping
  • Direct reduction of dangerous jolts
  • Greater driving stability
  • Greater braking stability
  • Optimum ground contact
  • Ensure next-generation performance

How to replace shock absorbers

Two bolts secure the Alko blue shock absorber into position, and removing them is a relatively straightforward operation. To test rebound, close a fully opened shock absorber. If your blue shock absorber closes efficiently, then it needs replacement.

The tell-tale signs of a worn shock absorber are the degree of stone chips. As mentioned before, these stone chips can puncture; however, they are an excellent indication of shock absorber wear.


  • Fully Open – 380mm
  • Fully Closed – 250mm
  • Opening Compression – 20% Resistance
  • Closing Rebound – 80% Resistance
  • Bolt Size 12mm
  • Offset Bushes

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AL-KO IRS Shock Absorber

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 10 cm
IRS Shock Absorber Size

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