Caravan Replacement Shock Absorbers


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 Smoother towing experience with minimal bounce.
✓ Reduce payload rattle by dampening suspension.
 Designed for towing longevity and easy installation.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

2 in stock

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Replacement Shock Absorbers | Caravan, Campers & Trailers

Couplemate™ Shock Absorbers are specifically engineered to withstand tough Australian conditions.

  • Replacement for Model: 036423, 658005, 30610135
  • Numbers on Shock 283772

Even when travelling in cities or highways, Australian roads are riddled with bumps, potholes, and corrugated terrain. Equipping your suspension with our Couplemate™ Shock Absorbers minimises bounce and rattle and ensures a comfortable ride.

Couplemate™ Shock Absorbers are a popular choice and are used on trailers worldwide. Because of their robust design and reliability, our engineers prefer to use these on all our Independent Coil Suspension systems.

These shock absorbers are a suitable replacement for Jayco, Coromal and similar AL-KO suspensions.

Product Specifications

Couplemate™ Shock Absorbers fit 45mm and 60mm wide springs, which will suit a wide range of towing setups.

  • Open: 380mm
  • Closed: 255mm
  • Travel Distance: 125mm
  • Dampening Type: Oil-Filled
  • Weight Rating: 1600kg ATM (per pair)
  • Compression:
    • Opening: 80%
    • Closing: 20%

You can read more about Shock Absorber maintenance here.

Product Contents

When you buy Couplemate™ Shock Absorbers, you will receive:

  • 2 x Shock Absorbers
  • 4 x M12 Mounting Bolts (w/ nuts)

Find mounting brackets can be here. Likewise, a full upgrade kit is available here for a discounted price.

Installation Guide

Installation Time: 15 minutes

Installation Overview:

  1. Bleed shock absorbers before mounting.
  2. Mount shock absorbers with M12 bolts and torque to 53.4Nm.

You can download the full installation guide through this link.

Additional information

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Dimensions30 × 10 × 6 cm

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  1. Bruce

    Good replacement shockers (caravan).

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