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Caravan Trailer & Pintle Locks – Premium

Caravan Trailer Locks (premium) has become an essential part of caravanning and boating, rather sadly.

Your caravan is your pride and joy. What if you woke up one day to find an empty space where your trailer used to be parked? That’s the stuff of nightmares, isn’t it? Locking your trailer or caravan is not just a sensible thing to do anymore, but an absolute necessity.

If a theft does occur, the insurance company can compensate for the monetary loss. It cannot, however, replace the sentimental value you associate with your caravan or trailer. Consider this example from our Couplemate Staff.

Hear From A Couplemate Expert

In the 60’s, my father parked his pride and joy 18-foot speedboat in the back lane of 64 Grafton Street, Woollarah every night for months.

Sadly, we awoke one morning to a vacant spot where the boat used to be. Dad was not happy. Thieves had simply hooked the boat up and drove it away.

Stolen and never to be seen again.

Nowadays, premium trailer locks are a great way to help stop thieves steal your dreams.

Premium Caravan Trailer Locks At Couplemate

Couplemate can help keep your precious caravan safe. We have a wide selection of locks, like the coupling locks for boat trailers, the locking Treg Pin, and the Pintle Trailer Lock. You can find the premium caravan trailer lock that suits your vehicle best, and therefore keep it safe.

Even if the caravan trailer lock you’re looking for is out of stock, we have a massive supplier chain to ensure that your caravan doesn’t get away from you. You can always get the parts you need—simply call Couplemate.

With the help of these caravan trailer locks you can now have peace of mind. Your caravan or speed boat is safe and sound in the campsite—right where you left it.


You can’t absolutely prevent theft using a lock—even a premium one.

Miscreants can still simply hitch up your caravan and tow it away.

To understand, read this word of caution from a Couplemate staff member.

A customer once rang to tell us that he purchased one of our caravan trailer locks and that his boat trailer was still stolen. He wanted to know what we were going to do about it. I advised the customer to ring his insurance company.

He said. “I cancelled my insurance when I purchased your caravan trailer locks because it was supposed to stop trailer theft.” I could not help him, because nothing can stop theft if thieves really want your rig.

I got a call from NSW Fair Trading a few weeks later because the customer had taken the time to complain to them. Subsequently, I explained to Fair Trading that the packaging, the website and all our public material contained the words “help prevent theft”.

“Why Do I Need Premium Caravan Trailer Locks, Then?”

Now here is bad news, if you cannot provide evidence of having purchased a trailer lock and your boat is stolen your insurance company may increase your excess. They often take the view that you have not provided enough security for your equipment and therefore you must bear some of the responsibility for the theft.

In conclusion, caravan trailer locks are a deterrent to theft. Ultimately, they can only assist in preventing theft. Most importantly, there is simply no substitute for insurance to help mitigate the theft of your equipment.

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Couplemate sells the best quality trailer and caravan locks throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.