Hitch Pin Receiver Lock

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Hitch Pin Receiver Lock Trailer Caravan 4WD – 2 security keys

Hitch Pin Receiver Lock. Lock it or Lose it. The humble chrome hitch pin lock is critical for the trailer or caravan locking system.

85mm refers to the width of the receiver bar.

There are two types of hitch pin locks to choose from

  • 65mm Hardened Chome Shaft
  • 85mm Hardened Chome Shaft

The locking mechanism is brass alloy.

Without a hitch pin lock or receiver lock, a thief just needs to pull the ‘R Clip’  on your existing pin in your tow bar.

Back his vehicle up to your caravan then re-insert the hitch and drive off.

Note: This is a very important video and describes how a receiver bar with the caravan attached can accidentally become detached from your vehicle. Watch how your clip can easily fall out of your receiver bar.

Further, it can be rather easy to steal your caravan.

Savvy criminals are looking for trailer locks without receiver pins because theft of your equipment is too easy if it is not locked with a hitch pin lock.

Measure the outside diameter of the male receiver mechanism on your car to decide whether you need 65mm or 85mm receiver lock.

Yes, we hear about a lot of theft jobs and design equipment to slow them down. Locking devices will not stop trailer theft dead. Not even $500 trailer locks are totally theft-proof.

Hitch Pin Receiver Lock is designed to slow down criminals, make them create noise and attention. Thefts may be prevented with trailer locks where thieves simply choose another poor unsuspecting target.

Those folks without trailer locks and who have incurred a theft, soon spend $100 for anti-theft prevention.

This may include trailer locks, receiver locks, padlocks for Jerry can holders, gas bottle holders and anything else hanging from their trailer equipment.

Finally, other locks can be found here

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality Hitch Pin Receiver Lock and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

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