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How to Correctly Install a Marine Bearing Seal

Grease is applied to seals and bearings for one reason only, to reduce friction. Friction produces heat, excess heat through incorrect installation destroys bearings.

Is it true that 40% of all bearings do not live their full engineering life due to bad installation practices?

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Caravan Wheel Alignment

If the tandem wheels are not square, call your service agent for an alignment. It is quite likely that your u bolts have come loose and your rig has sustained some shock loading during your travels, This moves axles backwards and out of alignment.

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Electronic Control Units (ECU) and Towing Looms

Why do I need an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) on my towbar? It would be true to say, being an Electrician, I can wire almost anything. Then along came the computer in motor vehicles. Computers are energy management systems. Computers monitor and control most of the...

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Video: Bearing Buddy® fallen off or stolen?

Bearing Buddy® is a machine fit as opposed to a compression fit. Machine fit sizes are not as flexible as compression fits. Unless you are aware of precautions that need to be taken, you may lose your bearing buddy® on the first bump in the road.

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