Safety Chains

Safety Chains

Dee Shackle Tips to Select the Correct Size

Dee Shackle Tips to Select the Correct Size

Dee Shackle rating is often too high for your caravan. Learn how to calculate the correct dee shackle size? Your Dee Shackle must be of a comparable size to your safety chain. The only way you can prove comparability is with a rated shackle or a stamped dee shackle.

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The Coupleamte Caravan Hubodometer measures the kilometres travelled towing your gear. Distance between service events like bearing adjustments, tyre wear, shackle bolt and plate replacement can be measured.

Dee Shackles and Bow Shackles will be mandatory when rule changes come into effect in 2019.

Early Alko offroad couplings used a locking ring to enable the coupling to be connected. Learn how to connect this coupling correctly and not brake the locking ring.

Understanding Safety Chains can be difficult and confusing. The experts at Couplemate have tried to make it simpler with this animated video.

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