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Learn the Secrets of Electric Brake Magnets

Learn the secrets and taboos of caravan and trailer electric brake magnets. For many years, expert Auto Electricians and Manufacturers ran magnet cables across axles. The industry believed this was the correct procedure. Copper Losses If the cable size installed is of...

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How to Correctly Install a Marine Bearing Seal

Grease is applied to seals and bearings for one reason only, to reduce friction. Friction produces heat, excess heat through incorrect installation destroys bearings.

Is it true that 40% of all bearings do not live their full engineering life due to bad installation practices?

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Caravan Wheel Alignment

If the tandem wheels are not square, call your service agent for an alignment. It is quite likely that your u bolts have come loose and your rig has sustained some shock loading during your travels, This moves axles backwards and out of alignment.

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Electronic Control Units (ECU) and Towing Looms

Why do I need an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) on my towbar? It would be true to say, being an Electrician, I can wire almost anything. Then along came the computer in motor vehicles. Computers are energy management systems. Computers monitor and control most of the...

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Why does my Caravan push my Car when stopping?

Quite a normal question. Many people I talk to have asked themselves, without asking out loud. Back in the day when dad towing our caravan with his Holden, hitch-ups were something dada did and knew about. Truth is, he knew where the fuel when in the car and the...

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