Safety Chain Holders to 16t

Safety Chain and Holders to 22t

A safety chain holder keeps you trailer coupling unit’s safety chains from dragging along the ground.

Although most trailers under 3.5t comply with the National Code of Practice, we found that most trailers over 3.5t do not comply. Most trailer manufacturers are unaware until safety was brought to their attention. It would not be unusual if your rig is over 3.5t and does not have Grade 80 chains.

Galvanised Chain and shackles are illegal on all trailers over 3.5t.

AS4177.4 – 2004

Supports Galvanised Safety Chain to a Max 3.5t.

Use of Galvanised Safety chain over 3.5t is illegal. 

The problem exists with OEM installing Galvanised Safety Chain on Caravans and Trailers over 3.5t when NO alternative was available. (alternative is NOW available on links below)


Supports Herc-Alloy Safety Chain on caravans and trailers over 3.5t.

Importantly, chain holders are welded to trailer and towbar. These chain holders must contain a high tensile pin of 4140 Grade Steel.

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Some Technical Details You’ll Need

Your trailer’s safety chain holder must be fitted in accordance with Australian Standards—either AS 4177.4-1994 or AS 4177.4–2004.

Trailers over 3.5 tonnes ATM must have two safety chains made from steel of a minimum 800 Mpa breaking stress. Both of these need to conform to the mechanical properties of Grade-T chain as specified in AS 2321-1979 ‘Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes (non-calibrated) or Australian Standard AS 2321–2006 Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes. Each chain must be sized such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ATM.

How do I select the correct Dee or Bow Shackle?

Rated Dee shackles are tested and rated according to AS2321 Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes. However, trailer chain and shackles are used for towing. Therefore, we need to look at the equation.

WA Ci-199C is the document that contains the Dee rated and Safety Chain information

The marking on a Rated Shackle are the Safe Working Load Limit (WLL)

The Breaking load limit (BLL) for rated shackle is WLL x 6, Example, a 1 tonne rated Dee Shackle has a BLL of 1t x 6 = 6t (Breaking Load Limit)

Calculate the ATM as follows, BLL / 1.5 = 6t / 1.5 =4t

Therefore a 1t Dee Shackle can be used on trailers up to 4t. Please see the following table for more ratings

0.75t Dee Shackle = 3t ATM Caravan

1t Dee Shackle = 4t ATM Caravan

1.5t Dee Shackle = 6t ATM Caravan 

2t Dee Shackle = 8t ATM Caravan

Note: The design of the attachment to the drawbar must have sufficient load capacity to match the rating of the required chain.

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