Dust Cap Dolly 1.98″

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  • Fits 1.98″ American Dust Caps.
  • Made from 60mm K1045 Axle Steel.
  • Perfectly fits American caps to secure tightly into position.
SKU: CM007-50


Dust cap dolly 1.98″ easily inserts dust caps into the tightest of hubs.

Suits dust caps that use American 1.8t dust caps.

We use these dollies in our workshop. With a large variety of different hubs on the market, some do not have chamfered entry points for the bearings.

This makes it tough to insert dust caps.

This cap dolly makes light work of adding dust caps and saves time.

Smack dolly and your dust cap is inserted every time.

Dolly never misses or inserts a crooked dust cap. Damaged dust caps are a thing of the past.

Dust Cap Dolly to suit all dust caps or grease caps listed below.

Dust Cap Dolly 1.98″

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 6 cm


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