Electric Brake Parts

Caravan Electric Brake Parts

Electric brakes are a great choice on medium-duty trailers like caravans and car trailers. These caravan electric brake parts are handy spares that keep your brakes in peak condition.

Have you ever wanted to go camping in the outback? Well, stop wanting and just do it already! The Aussie outback is the best place for a mini adventure, whether you decide to go it alone or with a group friends and family.

The best way to experience the vast territory of the Australian flatlands is by driving through it. All you need is a 4 wheel drive and a caravan, and you can head out and have yourself a good time. You’ll get to see a variety of Australian flora and fauna and a lot of, well, empty horizon—it’s absolutely freeing.

In the GAFA, you’ll hardly—if ever—find any trace of humanity for miles around you. A few aboriginal communities have settled near freshwater bodies, but that’s about it for human habitation here.

Why You Need Spares In The GAFA

The journey beyond the Black Stump is full of ups and downs—literally—but is always eventful enough to keep your spirits up at all times. To illustrate, the craggy terrain is full of red dirt trails and an unobstructed view of the endless horizon. But if you want to navigate through the outback, you’ll need to make sure that all your vehicle and camper trailer parts are top notch and capable of handling off-road conditions.

You need parts like off-road springs, independent suspensions, and a good set of brakes on your vehicle; and ideally for your trailer, electric caravan brakes.

Some Key Info On Caravan Electric Brake Parts

At Couplemate, we make our caravan electric brake parts to suit 10-inch and 12-inch electric brakes. In our experience, the most common replacements include brake shoes and electromagnets.

Electric brake shoes are not self-aligning. When installing new brake shoes, adjust the brake shoes until they are closed and the wheel is locked to prevent it turning. The factory setting is 13 turns from fully closed, but you may need more or less when replacing new shoes.

New shoes may be slightly thicker; the 13 clicks rule only works on new electric brakes, but give you an idea of what to expect during brake adjustment.

Other electric brake parts you’ll need to replace are the electromagnet. Most importantly, check the magnet arm. If it is wobbly on its pivot point, replace it. A worn magnet arm will give you both inconsistent braking and poor braking.

At Couplemate, we also stock other caravan electric brake parts such as springs, clips, magnet brake levers, and park brake levers. Today, most people replace the entire electric backing plate, since it’s easier this way.

At Couplemate, we prefer to replace the whole backing plate as well.

It’s hard to find help if your trailer parts or 4WD parts break down. But that’s no need to worry. Just call Couplemate and we’ll deliver spare caravan electric brake parts to you wherever you are in the bush.

Couplemate sells quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.