Caravan wheel nut indicators help identify loose wheel nuts caused by rough dirt roads.

Broken wheel studs are regularity occurrence on open highways around Australia.

The damaged caused by a wheel falling off your caravan varies from slight to severe even death.

Occasionally, caravanners will spot the loose nuts and tighten immediately thereby averting catastrophe.

Detached wheels cause damage to the caravan wheel well. After exiting the wheel well, sadly, damage can turn to carnage.


The best solution to loose wheel nuts is to install cheap indicators to provide a visual solution to the problem.

Wheel nut indicators costing $1 each can be installed on each nut with the pointer in the 5 o’clock position and nestled close to the hub boss.

wheel nut indicator

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Wheel nuts that try to loosen themselves move in an anti-clockwise direction away from the boss.

Owners performing normal morning checks after preparation for the day’s adventures should include wheel indicator checks in their pre-checking procedure.

Wheel Nut Indicator Specifications

  • 7/16″ fits holden wheel nuts – 17mm is the measurement across the flats of the nut.
  • 1/2″ fits all ford and some other stud patterns. 19mm is the measurement across the flats of the nut.
  • 5/8″ fits 5 Stud Landcruiser.  21mm is the measurement across the flats of the nut.
  • 41mm fits truck wheel nuts.
  • More indicator tabs to be added soon.

Wheel nut indicators are no longer restricted to trucks and heavy vehicles.

wheel nut indicator

What causes wheel nuts to loosen?

Vibration is a simple answer.

Checking U-bolts is another good article worth reading.

Caravan Wheel Nut Indicators