25 AMP

25 Amp Battery Charger

25 Amp Battery Charger by BMPRO is a great choice to service your car, caravan, camper trailer, bike, boat or as a spare battery.

Australian made and Australian ownedSmart battery chargers stage charging range from 4 to 25 Amp – compatible with all types of lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.

Couplemate supports Australian owned companies employing Australian workers.

Battery Charger Range

  • 7.5 AMP
  • 15 AMP
  • 25 AMP

The correct size of your battery charger depends on the total capacity of your battery and the number of ampere-hours it takes to charge.

BMPRO have produced this great article on what size battery charger do I choose

For example, a 120 ah battery will take 4/120A=30 hours to charge. The same battery will take approximately 5 hours to charge using a 25Amp charger.

There is also the solar re-charging component to consider,

More great diagnostic videos from BMPRO here.

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