40mm Catch x 35mm Bar Tipper Truck Tailgate Hinge Kit

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Truck Tailgate Hinge Kit – Dual Swing Hinge for Truck Tippers

A truck tailgate hinge, a tip truck, and a latch kit are to suit rear pivot assemblies of most sizes of tippers.

Couplemate’s cast steel tipper tailgate hinges are designed for durability. Unlike regular dropdown hinges, tipper hinges attach to the top of the tailgate to open from the bottom, allowing the tilted tray to deposit its gravel load easily.

All parts are electrically bonded with a weldable black zinc coating (ElectroGal®)to help prevent rust in corrosive environments. After welding, spray the weld with matt black galvanised zinc spray paint.

Tailgate hinges are suitable for either horizontal or side-swinging applications. Therefore, it would be a convenient addition to your auto tipper or side swing tailgate doors.

What is included in the ElectroGal® Tipper Truck Tailgate Swing Hinge Kit?

  • 1 x Bent Bar with a 90deg Swing Elbow
  • 2 x Long Bush 100mm long
  • 2 x Short Bush 50mm long
  • 1 x Straight Pin 120mm long
  • 4 x Collet/Collars
  • 1 x Split Pin
  • 1 x Cast Catch
  • 1 x Cast Hinge

Hinge Kit Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of installing a truck tipper rear gate kit:

  • Increased convenience: You can open the tailgate from either side of the truck, which can be helpful when unloading in tight spaces.
  • Additional clearance: The side-swinging tailgate allows for additional clearance when unloading the truck bed, which can be useful for unloading large or bulky items.
  • Improved safety: The side-swinging tailgate can help prevent accidents by eliminating the need to climb over the tailgate to open or close it.

Truck Tipper Tail Gates: The Importance of a Proper Design

Trucks are essential to modern-day transport as the backbone of many industrial and construction activities. A truck’s efficiency depends on several factors, one of which is the tailgate design. In particular, the tipper tailgate is critical in ensuring that the loading and offloading process is efficient and safe.

A well-designed tipper tailgate accomplishes two things. Firstly, it streamlines the dumping process by creating an unobstructed path for the load to slide out of the truck bed. Secondly, it provides a stable platform for workers performing loading or unloading tasks. Therefore, a poorly designed tailgate, such as one that is too heavy or weak, can be hazardous, leading to injuries and even fatalities.

Tailgate Durability

Several traits should be considered when designing a tipper tailgate. These include weight distribution, durability, and ease of operation. Adequate weight distribution ensures that the gate moves smoothly and does not damage the truck’s body or the transport load.

Conversely, durability ensures the tailgate can handle the constant wear and tear from daily use. Finally, the easy operation allows workers to load and unload efficiently, increasing their productivity.

Tipping and Unloading Safety

To conclude, an adequately designed tipper tailgate is essential to any truck. It ensures workers’ safety and enables the efficient loading and unloading of goods. Therefore, manufacturers should prioritize the design of these tailgates, ensuring that they meet industry standards and specifications.

This way, accidents and lost time due to malfunctioning tailgates can be avoided, saving companies unnecessary expenses and ensuring their operations run smoothly.

Popular side truck tailgate hinge kit for a variety of applications. Any tipping application, including tipper trailers. Saves time and frustration.

Unlock when you arrive on-site, tip your load on the tipper body, and then lock again after cleaning and tipping.

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