Christmas and New Year Closure

merry christmas

Couplemate closes at noon on the 23rd December. Internet orders will be dispatched first up the 11th January.

Axle orders and axle assembly resumes on the 20th January.

If you are considering ordering then please so do now. Stock shortages from China are being experienced right now.

Although Couplemate is an old school supplier, we believe in holding good stocking levels, in 2021 are expecting stock shortages from suppliers.

If you are considering a product, I encourage you to order it now to avoid disappointment.

Internet orders are quarantined from general business. This means your orders has priority over trade orders or first in, first out.

We have already seen ARK XO750 in short supply and we expect this to continue to other products.

Products made by Couplemate are exempt from shortages unless we cannot buy the raw materials. We are not expecting shortages ion our raw material supply chain.

In summary, buy your products now effectively reserves them for dispatch early January.