Couplemate Base Plate 2.5t

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Couplemate Base Plate 2.5t is a replacement for lost or damaged plates

Couplemate Base Plate can get bent when reversing to your trailer at extreme angles. Trailer guides work the best when backing straight onto your trailer.

The maximum ATM loading for a boat trailer caravan or camper is 2.5t.

It is important to remember that reversing at extreme angles will break/bend the back of the plate. Our reversing guide works best when backing straight onto your trailer.

Plates are quickly forgotten when selling your vehicle. We often hear this story about folks who keep the wing but forgot to remove the base plate when the car is sold.

Occasionally, folks like an extra-base plate of the front of their vehicle for boat trailer retrieval from the beach.

If your trailer is heavier than 2.5t look at our heavy-duty reversing aid.

Trailer guides are made from medium tensile steel, robotic welded, tumbled to remove sharp edges and super zinced to provide anti rust costing.

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm