2t Trailer Coupling – Alko

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2t Trailer Coupling - Alko

2t Alko trailer two-hole zinc Snap or more precisely the Spring Release Coupling is AL-KO latest release coupling.

AL-KO Snap couplings are spring-loaded to enable the coupling to snap and lock upon closing the coupling.

2000kg AL-KO snap couplings have a feature where an R Clip can secure the handle and help prevent accidental unlocking.

  • Also listed here is an imported four-hole x 2t coupling.
  • Use Snap couplings on trailers and marine trailers without brakes.
  • Hole Spacings 101.6mm x 13.5mm
  • Weld-on 2t Trailer Coupling Trigg

We recommend using 1/2" Grade 8 high tensile bolts to secure the 2000kg AL-KO coupling to the trailer frame.

'Couplings' designed for use between tow vehicles and trailers with an ‘ATM’ up to 3.5 tonnes must be 'Quick Release Couplings'.

How do couplings comply with Australian Standards?

Ball Couplings

2.1.  ‘Ball Couplings’ intended for towing trailers up to 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’ must comply with Australian Standard 4177.2 - 1994 "50 mm Towballs" or as amended from time to time.

Coupling Bodies for Ball Couplings

2000kg Alko

This Coupling is not a snap coupling and is no longer legal.

3.1.  The coupling body of a 50 mm ‘Ball Coupling’ intended for trailers up to 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’ must comply with Australian Standard 4177.3 - 1994 "Coupling Body for Ball Couplings" or as amended from time to time.

Department of Transport West Australia

The coupling on the right is not a Quick Release as required by the standards and is illegal for use on Australian roads

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