3500kg 50mm Ball Coupling, CTA-060191


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ADR Compliant.
Supplied with hand brake.
Rated for up to 3500kg.
Genuine AL-KO product.

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3.5t Electric Caravan Coupling

3.5t electric caravan coupling includes a park brake lever. In our opinion, the Alko® electric caravan coupling is, without doubt, the most popular brand of caravan coupling money can buy.

Key Features

The AL-KO 3.5t electric caravan coupling is simple to attach and complies with Australian Standard 4177.3

Marine Coupling

Al-ko recommends cutting off the handbrake to convert this electric coupling to a marine coupling.

Australia Standards

Your coupling must have these words on it to comply with Australian Standards.

  • Manufacturers Mark
  • AS 4177.3
  • 50mm
  • 3500kg

Electric Coupling 3500kg Rated with 1/2 inch BSW ball adjusting nut.

The adjustment nut on the head of the coupling is a 1/2″ BSW thread.

This nut prevents the Electric Coupling from jumping on the tow-ball and creates and tight fit by removing slop that can occur through wear.

Electric Caravan Coupling Adjustment

To properly adjust this nut;
  • Put pressure on the Electric Coupling, so it is firmly on the tow ball.
  • Loosen the nut.
  • The thread so you can feel it touch the top of the tow ball.
  • Now tighten the locking nut being careful not to unscrew the threaded screw.

Finally, you have a cable adjustment to check.

The cable running down to each handbrake lever should be tight but not overly tight. Adjust the cable brake adjuster just behind your handbrake until this cable is taut.

One final thing, your coupling weight, when attached, should be around 8% of your total load. Your coupling should now be tight and ready to tow.

Sure, there are cheaper couplings on the market. We buy and recommend only the best products for your investment dollar.

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Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 10 cm


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