Al-ko AKS3004 Stabiliser Coupling

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Al-ko AKS 3004

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Al-ko AKS3004 Stabiliser Coupling

Al-ko AKS3004 is easy to operate. Compact design and safety features make the AKS 3004 easy and safe to operate.

Stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads is Europes #1 solution for greater stability and handling.

The new AKS™ 3004 featuring outstanding design and improved ergonomics. Additionally, the AKS noticeably suppresses snaking and pitching movements, for a safe and relaxed journey.

The unique stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads is suitable for use with trailers up with a total weight of up to 3,000 kg.

Hole spacings are 184mm x 54mm.

A unique 50mm tow ball that is provided for all AKS stabilisers. The tow ball is connected to the towing vehicle with an anti-rotation plate. As a result, the plate does not allow the tow ball to unscrew or rotate.

Their high dampening force immediately reduces small snaking movements in both horizontal & vertical directions.

The AL-KO® stabiliser coupling provides peace of mind for safe, stable towing for the front and rear wheels. AKS 3004 has built-in friction pads grip the tow ball to reduce snaking movements, immediately and automatically in both horizontal and vertical directions.

There’s no loss of stability, even when heavy vehicles create sudden turbulence or a slipstream.

Operating the stabilisation handle presses four special friction linings against the car's tow ball from the left and right as well as the front and rear.

The maximum braking torque of the linings can be 320 Nm. Swaying or pitching movements are thus effectively suppressed before they become serious.

Consider this electronic stabiliser below:

Further, contaminated friction pads should not be cleaned as this will have a reduced stabilizing effect. As a result, the friction pads should be replaced.

Finally, purchase larger couplings here:

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