Couplings Off-Road

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    tow ball weight scale

    Couplemate Tow Ball Weight Scale

    $54.00 inc GST
  • DO35 Offroad Coupling

    Cruisemaster DO35 V3 Plus 3.5t Off-Road Coupling

    $448.00$475.85 inc GST
  • DO35 Replacement Pin Cover

    DO35 Towing Pin Cover

    $27.50 inc GST
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    DO35 Tow Pin Kit

    DO35 Tow Pin Kit – To Suit Cruisemaster DO35 Hitch

    $80.00$102.34 inc GST
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    DO35 - DO45 Bi-Lock

    DO35 – DO45 Bi-Lock

    $125.00 inc GST
  • Al-ko off-road coupling

    3.5t Al-ko Off-Road Ball Coupling

    $365.50 inc GST
  • 2t Al-ko Override Off-Road Coupling

    2t AL-KO® Override Off-Road Coupling

    $405.70 inc GST
  • DO45 4.5t Offroad Coupling

    DO45 4.5t Offroad Coupling

    $720.00$765.00 inc GST
  • DO45 towing pin kit

    DO45 4.5t Towing Pin Kit

    $127.50 inc GST
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    2000kg OZHitch Override

    2000kg OZHitch Override Offroad Coupling

    $391.50 inc GST
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    OzHitch Electric

    3500kg OzHitch Electric Off-road Coupling

    $325.00 inc GST
  • Ozhitch Bushes

    OzHitch Coupling Replacement Bushes

    $42.29 inc GST
  • ozhitch car bracket

    Replacement OzHitch Car Bracket and Pin

    $127.53 inc GST
  • Ozhitch Car Bracket Pin replacement

    OzHitch Car Bracket Pin

    $31.00 inc GST
  • replacement treg pin

    Replacement Pin and Clip for Treg Coupling

    $36.65 inc GST

Al-ko and Cruisemaster

Serious contenders for must-have off-road couplings and trailer hitches are Al-k ball coupling and the DO35 pin coupling.

A lot of Australians own off-roader camper trailers because there’s no better place to enjoy nature than the vast outback.

Poly block couplings were all the rage to have installed on caravans and camper trailers. However, extreme offroad adventures evolved, where only the toughest of camper couplings survive.

Caravan low profile ball couplings and pin couplings by Al-ko and CruiseMaster

Why You Need Off-Road Couplings

Ideally, a perfect trailer or caravan coupling mechanism allows for both vertical and horizontal movement. Apart from freedom of movement, the coupling mechanism should also be able to deal with shocks and shear force which can easily dislodge the trailer from the towing vehicle.

Some Key Information About Off-Road Couplings

Importantly, caravan couplings are now low profile and as a result, are more functional. All offroad couplings have a similar towing capacity and braking systems.

Currently, the split-hair decision favours the Al-ko® Coupling followed by the Cruisemaster® DO35.

Standard 50mm tow ball offroad couplings and pin couplings have a quick hitch locking system. The low profile design of these couplings allows the opening of rear door type tailgates on your 4WD.

Couplemate recommends the use of high should two balls with off-road couplings.

Note, Couplemate manufacturers high shoulder tow balls at a genuine 3500kg rating. Look at the rating before purchasing.

Building an Australian coupling that withstands the rigours of rough dirt and corrugated roads of the outback is undoubtedly a tough mission.

Even the best of manufacturers listen to their customers, redesign where necessary, excelling in their search for excellence.

Lately, the new release Al-ko override and electric ball coupling have been an outstanding success.

Further, we have investigated couplings all around the world and discovered the best couplings are all available only in Australia.