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2000kg OZHitch Override Offroad Coupling

$391.50 inc GST

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2000kg OZHitch Override offroad coupling, manufactured by Manutec is one of the better off-road couplings used by camper and caravaners in the Australian market today.

Easy to Use

Oz Hitch override is easy to use and is probably the next must-have for item me.

Many off-road hitches give absolutely no room for error of any amount in misalignment while connecting.

Oz Hitch override is an off-road coupling that has an aligning tool on the body that helps guide all the holes into alignment.

The Alko 2t Override Off-Road Coupling is also worth a look at.

Oz Hitch Offroad Override Features

  • Self Aligning Towing Hitch Cradle
  • Connects in Seconds
  • Certified to 2.0Tonne
  • Very Low Profile
  • Bolt or Weld-on.
  • Full Bushing “No Rattles
  • Secure Double Locking
  • Lockable for Security
  • No Rust” Galvanised Trailer Hitch
  • Huge off-road Angle
  • Towing Hitch
  • Bolt Hole Pattern (184mm x 54mm x 1/2)

2000kg OZHitch Override ADR Approval

Your oz hitch override off-road coupling must have an ADR Australian design rule stamp of approval.

If you buy a caravan, boat or trailer hitch without one, in my opinion, you have rocks in your head.

Let me ask you a question. Would you drive a car without Australian standards approval?

It is not only a matter of quality but can also pose a real danger to anyone on the roads.

If the coupling comes off or breaks, it can do some severe damage.

Finally, purchase OzHitch spare parts accessories here

2000kg OZHitch Override Offroad Coupling

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 2000kg OZHitch Override Offroad Coupling and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

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Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm


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