DO45 4.5t Offroad Coupling

DO45 4.5t Offroad Coupling

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DO45 4.5t Offroad Coupling by Cruisemaster - Incl Towing Pin and Cover

DO45 4.5t Offroad Coupling by Cruisemaster. Like all Cruisemaster™ products is designed and tested to perform under Australian Conditions.

The DO45 is the big brother of the DO35. Caravans up to 4.5 tonnes have the benefit of a heavy-duty off-road compatible hitch. This coupling incorporates a double automatic tow pin locking mechanism, massive articulation in all directions simultaneously and the patented self-aligning pin.

Handbrakes are an optional extra and can easily be added at a later date.

In addition, DO45 has some new features. These include a safety dust cover which ensures the fitted coupling is correctly locked and ready to go. In addition, a front cushion is fitted to reduce any damage to the tow vehicle should the coupling process be taken a bit ambitiously.

The drop-on facility enables the coupling of connections on uneven and soft surfaces where trying to level up the tow vehicle and caravan or camper trailer can be extremely difficult.

Each year, Cruisemaster™ vigorously remote area test new coupling designs and features with highly sophisticated Motec Data logging technology such as temperature sensors, G-force sensors, height sensors comprehensive GPS tracking software.

Finally, Cruisemaster™ products are designed and tested to perform under Australian Conditions.


DO45 towing pin kit

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Weight 14 kg
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