Replacement OzHitch Car Bracket and Pin

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Replacement OzHitch Car Bracket and Pin

Replacement Ozhitch car bracket and pin. Why not have an extra cradle for your other vehicle. It makes swapping your trailer over to the other car easy.

The OzHitch bracket is an auto locating bracket that centres your coupling into the car bracket.


  • Car side receiver bracket;
  • Primary car side connecting the nut, bolt, and washer;
  • Connecting pin and lynch clip.


Hi Norm, I just wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with the Oz Hitch. It’s working out very well for me and is making hitching and unhitching my trailer very much more accessible and much quieter to tow as well. So I’m one happy customer! 😉 Cheers!

To Norm, I have one of your galvanized hitches on my Jayco camper van and have now done around 22 thousand km on our around Aussie trip.

It’s been a breeze using it. I had a bloke in Kununurra, Western Australia, who was leaving for the Gibb River the next day and wanted one immediately offer me $500 and his old hitch for me to swap with him he was so impressed.

Anyway, I gave him your info. I’m sure you will hear from him. Do I get a commission? 🙂

Hi Norm, Just back from our trip to the W.A. and the Kimberly’s.

OzHitch went well, so I thought I would let you know. My wife found it novel that she could even use it with ease, and by the end of the holiday, it became a competition between the wife and young son as to who could unhook the quickest.

Congrats on an incredible invention. Why did you take so long to invent it?

Finally, purchase OzHitch spare parts accessories here

OzHitch Coupling Car Bracket and Pin

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