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Why dirt roads destroy Electric Brakes

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Why do rough, corrugated, dirt roads destroy Electric Brakes?

Why dirt roads destroy electric brakes, sadly, is a fact. Unsuspecting caravan owners discover their electric braking systems and electric drums are being rendered defective by vibrations transferred to braking systems by corrugated roads.

The Couplemate staff has handled many inquiries for replacement drums. Upon inspection, the magnet has chewed its way through the steel casting rendering the electric magnet unserviceable.

Also affected was the magnet arm. The customer found it was best to buy new backing plates with off-road magnets and new electric drums.

Dirt Roads and Cleaning

Dirt roads not only play havoc with your brakes but also check your air conditioner. It will require cleaning too. Here is a good article on caravan air conditioner cleaning.

The Al-ko off-road magnet is a great investment for rough Australian roads.

Damaged Electric magnet caused by rough dirt roads.

While it is not easy to destroy electric brakes, look at these magnets on the right image.

The rattling magnet on the magnet arm has tried to cut the magnet in half.(image right)

This magnet has only survived two weeks as a result of traveling on corrugated roads.

Corrugated roads also destroyed the drum and the electric backing plate.

The magnet top left is a standard electric magnet, it is same as the off-road magnet in the bottom left of the image.

The magnet top right is the electric magnet of choice for the worst roads in Australia.

Al-ko designed and manufactured, the bottom off-road magnet. Al-ko offroad magnets are the choice of electric braking for all major OEM manufacturers.

Replacing your off-road magnets before your next trip into the outback will save you money, time and motel bills as you wait for replacement parts.

Magnet Retaining Clip

Finally, you will not find any retaining clip supplied with your off-road magnet. Al-ko recommends holding the magnet in place, on the magnet arm with a rubber band.

The first braking event will sever the rubber band thus leaving the magnet in its normal operating position.

What do you know about your electric brakes? This Al-ko video narrated Mike Jovicic is one of the most informative videos on Australian electric brake magnets.

In conclusion, a good read is, electric brakes made simple.

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