Trailer Disc Brake Rotor | ElectroGal

Trailer Disc Brake Rotor | ElectroGal


High Performance BrakingAustralian Made and Owned.
Heat Dissipation
Made in Australia

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ElectroGal Trailer Disc Brake Rotor

The ElectroGal Trailer Disc Brake Rotor is used for superior braking of caravans, campers trailers, and boat trailers up to 1450kg.Australian Made and Owned.

Couplemate™ cross-drilled disc is suitable for both mechanical and hydraulic applications. Now available on galvanised mechanical disc rotors.

These premium discs are manufactured in Australia by Couplemate™ in our Wynnum warehouse. See it on the Australia-Made website. 

Benefits of Cross-Drilled Rotors

The foundation upon which to build and design this superior disc was selecting the high-grade steel needed to withstand the drilling process.

This disc rotor sets the industry standard for high-performance disc-braking axles, and heat dissipation and is the most popular rotor within our axle builds.

Superior Performance

Firstly, the holes drilled into the rotor help to dissipate heat more effectively, which can reduce the risk of brake fade during aggressive driving. This is because the holes provide additional surface area for the brake pads to make contact with, allowing heat and dust to be dissipated more quickly than with a smooth rotor.

Cross-drilled discs can improve wet-weather performance by allowing water to escape from between the brake pad and rotor more easily, increasing braking performance in wet weather.

Braking Capacity

ElectroGal Disc Rotors release gases and particles from the brake pads during braking to achieve high performance.

As a result, particles will form a layer that prevents the pad from touching the disc as effectively.

Brake fade is the result of this phenomenon. Superior braking is achievable by drilling holes through the disc, this will give the gas and particles somewhere to escape.

The ‘scraping’ action of the slots can clean the pad, and the edges of the groves increase friction, albeit at the expense of pad wear.

Product Specifications

Rotor Diameter: 10 inches

Rotor Thickness: 15mm45mm Square Mechanical Disc brake

Available Stud Patterns:

  • Ford 4.5" P.C.D.
  • HT 4.25" P.C.D.

Suitable for the following Bearings:

Please note: the rotor does not come with bearings.

What is ElectroGal?

In short terms, ElecteoGal is an SA5 Zinc coating commonly found on marine and boat trailer parts.

ElectroGal is an electrolytic coating formed on disc rotors due to the application of an electric current onto an anode and cathode. Machine disc rotors are dipped in caustic and then acid to clean oils, dirt, dust and grime from the disc.

Discs are then electrically bonded to a preparation coating prior to the ElectroGal process.

Compatible with the following equipment:

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 15 cm
Stud Pattern



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