316 Stainless Steel Piston for Hydraulic Calipers


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Key Benefits of Stainless Hydraulic Caliper Piston

Suits AL-KO & Trojan Hydraulic Caliper Brakes.
Manufacture from Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel.
✓ Long-Lasting Product with Easy Installation.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

36 in stock

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316 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Caliper Piston | Australian-Made

The Couplemate™ CM800 is a replacement stainless hydraulic caliper piston that suits both AL-KO and Trojan hydraulic calipers.

These stainless caliper pistons are made in our Australian warehouse. For improved performance, consider stainless pistons in your stainless hydraulic calliper.


We recommend using a silicon-based lubricant such as "inox MX6 synthetic grease."

Are Stainless Steel Pistons Worth it?

Phenolic caliper pistons are a common alternative to stainless steel. While they offer some resistance, they are incredibly susceptible to swelling, wear, and tear over time.

The movement of phenolic pistons creates slight abrasive marks, contributing to their gradual swelling and eventual adhesion, leading to failure.

In contrast, 316 Stainless Steel, renowned for its marine-grade quality and resistance to moisture absorption, provides a rust-free, low-maintenance solution when used in hydraulic pistons. The sliding mechanism of stainless pistons significantly prolongs their lifespan compared to standard counterparts.

For boat trailers using phenolic brake pistons, Couplemate™ engineers consistently recommend investing in our Australian-made Stainless Steel brake pistons for optimal performance and durability.

Product Specifications

The Couplemate™ CM800 Hydraulic Piston is sold individually.

  • Materials: 316-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Suits Calipers: AL-KO, Trojan, Meher

. You can also buy replacement caliper brake pads here.

How to Install Replacement Caliper Pistons?

During installation, generously apply hydraulic oil on and around the seal within the piston. When acquiring new hydraulic calipers, owners have the option to purchase stainless pistons as an additional feature.

Seal wear might allow saltwater ingress into the piston, so it’s advisable to have a replacement seal kit on hand in case the old seals become stretched during caliper cleaning.

Pro Tip: After installing a stainless brake piston in Trojan calipers, flush all hydraulic lines to remove any contaminated fluid.

Finally, a good article about Refurbishing Brake Caliper Pistons on your Boat Trailer

The following parts are complimentary to these caliper seals.

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Stainless Steel


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