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Brake Shoes & Pads | Spare Trailer Brake Parts

Brake shoes and brake pads are key components of a trailer’s braking system, playing an important role in safe and effective braking.

Replacement Shoes for Backing Plate Brakes

Trailer brake shoes are a fundamental part of drum brake systems (backing plates).

These shoes are mounted inside the brake drum and are forced against its inner surface when the brakes are applied. The friction generated between the brake shoes and the drum creates the necessary stopping power.

Over time, shoes can wear out due to the constant friction and heat generated during braking. When this happens, it’s crucial to replace them.

Replacement brake shoes should be chosen carefully to ensure compatibility with the trailer’s braking system.

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to identify when replacement is needed. Worn-out brake shoes can lead to reduced braking efficiency and increased stopping distances which is a safety risk.

Replacement Pads for Caliper Brakes

Trailer brake pads are typically found on caliper brakes (disc/rotors). They work similarly to the brake pads on a car, clamping onto the brake rotor to generate friction and slow down the trailer.

Pads wear down over time due to the heat and friction generated during braking. Replacing worn brake pads is essential to maintain consistent and reliable stopping power.

In conclusion, maintaining the condition of trailer brake shoes and brake pads is crucial for safe trailer operation.

Regular inspections, timely replacements, and using high-quality, properly matched components are essential for a trailer’s safety and performance on the road.