12 inch Brake Drums

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  • 2t Electric Brake Drum dexter al-ko

    2t Electric Brake Drum – Al-ko , Dexter

    $251.20$335.00 inc GST
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  • 2t Alko Brake Drum 5 Stud

    2t Electric Brake Drum Incl Greased Bearing Kit

    $285.00 inc GST
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  • Cruisemaster® 2t landcruiser drum

    Cruisemaster 2t Drum incl Greased Bearing Kit

    $330.60$429.20 inc GST
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  • 2t - 3t Brake Drum

    2t – 3t Alko Electric Brake Drum

    $330.00$366.30 inc GST
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  • 3t electric brake drum

    3t x 2pc Electric Brake Drum Al-ko

    $525.00$535.00 inc GST
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Dexter®, Al-ko® and Cruisemaster® 12″ Electric Drums
12″ Electric Drums are popular for Alko, Dexter and Cruisemaster axle builds.

Electric axles come fully assembled with lubricated bearings, seals, wheel nuts and dust caps.

Couplemate installs the Alko brand on all axle builds less the customer requests otherwise.

Electric drums are available in 5-stud and 6-stud Landcruiser stud patterns.

4.5t tandem axle kits all require 12″ Electric brake systems; however, they are especially popular for the Al-ko 2t Electric braking systems.

Heavy-duty rocker roller springs are available up to 6t for braking systems up to 4.5t to suit 18″ wheels.

4.5t braking systems are also possible in a triaxle configuration using 10″ drums. We recommend using parallel electric braked axles for this type of setup.

Find Rim and tyre P.C.D. answers here.

Dexter, Al-ko and Cruisemaster use different bearing configurations. Therefore, different axles are required for each brand.

Couplemate manufactures axles to any length for highway or agricultural use.

We also stock 3t drums that use the Al-ko bearing configuration. Al-ko manufacture drums in a 2t and 3t one or 2 pcs configuration.

The Al-ko 2t one piece and 3t two-piece drums are not interchangeable.

Finally, if still in doubt, contact our expert sales team here.