3t x 2pc Electric Brake Drum Al-ko

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3t electric brake drum suit 12-inch electric brakes by Al-ko

3t electric brake drum, two-piece hub drum to suit trailer and caravan axles with 3t profiles made by Al-ko. Two-piece hub drums must be assembled to form one piece. One inner hub and one outer brake hub comprises the two pieces.

  • Landcruiser PCD 140mm – 6 x 1/2 UNF Studs Nuts
  • Landcruiser PCD 150nn – 5 x 9/16 UNF Studs Nuts

Suit Bearings

Suits Al-ko three tonne axles only

Your bearings tell you if they need replacement during your inspection process. If you see carbon black in the grease, you need to replace your bearings, seal and dust cap.

If you do not see carbon black, your bearings are good and may need repacking if the grease looks hardened.

Carbon black is actually a sign that the casting of your roller bearings and journals have begun the wearing process. These bearings will not be far away from total collapse.

Another thing to look out for is your dust cap. Dust-caps are a compression fit. If used repeatability, the cap loses its compression and will fall off on the highway.

Note: Does not incl wheel nuts

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Stud Pattern

3t Landcruiser 5 stud – Al-ko, 3t Landcruiser 6 stud – Al-ko


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