9" Brake Drums

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9″ Mechanical and Hydraulic brake drum

9″ brake drums are manufactured in the following stud patterns,

  • Ford
  • Holden HT
  • Holden HQ
  • Commodore
  • 5 Stud Landcruiser
  • 6 Stud Landcruiser

Mechanical Braking Drum

The mechanical override brake is a simple braking system that requires little maintenance. One adjustment setting for the brake shoes is all that is necessary to service worn brake shoes.

The backing plate is activated by the combination of an override coupling and a hand braking mechanism. This backing plate causes friction on the drum, as a result, braking occurs.

Hydraulic Braking Drum

Hydraulic brake systems control a hydraulic master cylinder attached to the override brake coupler.

The master cylinder is activated by the override brake, which in turn, engages the hydraulic brake shoes.

Finally, both types of brake systems require a reversing latch to be engaged when reversing.