9" Brake Drums

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  • 9 inch brake Drum hydraulic mechanical

    9 inch Brake Drum incl Studs

    $86.63$130.58 inc GST
  • 9 inch Drum

    9 inch Brake Drum suit 2″ Shoe

    $187.11 inc GST

9″ Mechanical and Hydraulic brake drum

9″ brake drums to suit the following stud patterns

  • Ford
  • Holden HT
  • Holden HQ
  • Commodore
  • 5 Stud Landcruiser
  • 6 Stud Landcruiser

Mechanical Braking Drum

The mechanical override brake is a simple braking system that requires little maintenance. This backing plate causes friction on the drum; as a result, braking occurs.

Activate the backing plate mechanism by the combination of an override coupling and a hand braking mechanism.

Hydraulic Braking Drum

Activate the master cylinder compressing the override brake coupling, which, in turn, engages the hydraulic brake shoes.

Finally, override brake systems require a reversing latch to be engaged or locked down when reversing the trailer.