HT 9 inch Brake Drum suit 2 inch Shoe

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9 inch Brake Drum

9-inch brake drum suit hydraulic or mechanical backing plates. Note: Suits 2" shoes whereas standard 9" drums use 1 3/4" brake shoes.

Measure inside your drum to get the correct measurement. Some older drums have a larger internal width of 1 3/4 inch and are obsolete.

Replacement shoes are not available for this drum. The best option for worn shoes and backing plates is, unfortunately, to replace the entire braking system. Replacement parts can be view at the bottom of this page.

PCD Specifications

  • Holden HT - PCD 4.25 inch - 5 x 7/16 UNF Studs & Nuts

9" x 1 3/4" brake shoes are installed on standard 9" drum brakes The 2" wide brake drum is an EU drum or an older Carter Westco drum that is no longer in production. Please measure your drum and compare below. If the size does not match give us a call and we may be able to locate your drum.

Suits LM Holden or Ford Slimline Bearings

LM Holden | Standard

Ford Slimline Kit

HT Drum Replacement parts

An article on how to calculate OCD is here

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 14 cm


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