Dexter 10 inch Brake Drum

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Dexter 10 inch Brake Drum (cupped) rated to 1600kg [Pair]

Dexter 10-inch Brake Drum is rated up to 1600kg per Pair (one left & one right).

  • 5 Stud Ford
  • 6 Stud Landcruiser

10-inch electric drum suits the following bearings American 1.6t set (not supplied)(cups only provided)

The 1600kg higher load rating on Dexter drums is due to the increased diameter outer bearing.

Dexter 10-inch Drum Bearing Kit

Purchase 1.6t Dexter Bearing kits here.

magnetised brake drumMagnetised Drums

On rare occasions, drums can become magnetised.

Although we applied rigorous testing to various drums, we failed to show drums were magnetised by constantly using a magnetic force on the drum.

The drum in the photo was magnetised for 48 hours without significant deflection from the compass.

However, we suspect electric brake drums are magnetised through the constant wear of the magnet into the braking face of the drum. See how to magnetise steel by rubbing it with a magnet.

The resultant friction between the called the drum is thought to be magnetised drums.

A customer who had tried every last resort to fix their braking problem to no avail had been recommended to us to replace their drums. Once the drum was replaced, the customer’s issues disappeared, full braking had reared, and full braking had returned.

Caravan RV brake drums can have various problems—not just worn-bearing journals. The only thing you can do with worn-bearing journals is to replace the drum. If you’re stuck in the bush and need a quick fix, locktite your cups into your drums.

The fix will last until you get into the next big town. Limit your speed to 60 km and hobble into town — also, look out for a worn magnet face, both on your magnet and on your inner drums. Worn surfaces will decrease your braking by about 70%.

Electric magnets work best on a smooth drum surface; they can offer 100% effective braking.

Finally, Couplemate is now assembling Dexter Offroad backing plates for offroad conditions.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions29 × 29 × 14 cm
Stud Pattern



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