10 inch Electric Brake Drum

10 inch Electric Brake Drum


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Brand: Couplemate™Australian Made and Owned.

Made in Brisbane, Australia.

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10-inch Electric Drum for Caravans, Trailers and Campers

When you’re out in the Australian outback, the last thing anyone wants is a brake failure due to low-quality drums.

Quality brake drums are crucial for caravans because they play a significant role in stopping the caravan safely and efficiently. When towing a caravan, the brakes are put under considerable stress due to the added weight and momentum. This means that the brake drums must be able to withstand high temperatures, extreme pressure, and constant wear and tear.

Product Specifications

10-inch brake drums are often marked with 254 x 54 EL.

Maximum Diameter: 256.30mm

Max Shoe Width: 54mm

Maximum-Rated Load Capacity:

What makes Low-Quality Drums Dangerous?

A few years ago, Couplemate™ was worried about the increasing loss of quality and increasing complaints from imported drums. We decided to make a better 10-inch drum brake to ensure electric brake drums were first class and we could take ownership of a quality product.

Low-quality or worn brake drums can cause a range of problems, including:

  • Reduced stopping power
  • Increased stopping distances
  • Excessive heat buildup
  • Complete brake failure

This can be extremely dangerous, particularly when driving on steep or winding roads. This can result in costly repairs and replacements, as well as potential safety hazards.

What makes Couplemate™ 10-inch Electric Brake Drums Superior?

By investing in high-quality brake drums that are specifically designed for caravans and other towing applications, you can ensure that your braking system is reliable and effective.

Quality brake drums will provide consistent stopping power, reduce the risk of overheating, and ultimately help to keep you and your passengers safe while on the road.

Our engineers discovered and talked about a problem called porosity as a significant cause of braking inefficiencies. Porosity is a series of holes in a casting that causes lower brake shoe adhesion. In simple terms, a porous surface will have less braking resistance than a non-porous surface.

The best way to explain how to remove air from steel is to understand how air is expelled from concrete. The process of shaking or vibrating the tooling containing a drum casting effectively removes air bubbles, thereby greatly reducing porosity.

Further, during the machining process, our craftsman is on the lookout for a sign of porosity. When found, drums are rejected, scraped and returned to the furnace. As a result, you can be assured the drums you have purchased have undergone rigorous testing and inspecting processes.

Today, we sell Australian-Made 10-inch brake drums to the RV markets and retail consumption.

Stud Pattern Options

4-Stud Brake Drums

  • Gemini/Honda - PCD 100mm - 4 x 7/16 inch Studs - 1000kg per axle
  • Datsun - PCD 114mm - 4 x 7/16 inch Studs - 1000kg per axle
  • Mini - PCD 101.6mm - 4 x 7/16 inch Studs - 1000kg per axle
  • Cortina- PCD 107.95mm - 4 x 7/16 inch Studs - 1000kg per axle

5-Stud Brake Drums

  • 5 Stud HT Holden – PCD 4.25 inch – 5 x 7/16 UNF Studs
  • HQ Holden – PCD 4.5 inch – 5 x 7/16 UNF Studs
  • Commodore – PCD 120mm – UNF 5 x 7/16 Studs
  • Ford – PCD 4.5 inch – 5 x 1/2 UNF Studs
  • Ford Parallel - PCD 1.5 inch - 5 x 1/2 UNF Studs
  • Landcruiser PCD 150mm – 5 x 9/16 UNF Studs
  • 14mm Studs - Landcruiser PCD 150mm
  • Mercedes - 5 x 14mm - PCD 130mm
  • F100 PCD 139.7mm – 5 x 1/2 UNF Studs
  • Range Rover Discovery PCD 120mm - 5 x 5/8 UNF Studs
  • Land Rover - PCD 6.5" - 5 x 9/16 UNF Studs
  • Land Rover - PCD 6.5" - 5 x 5/8 UNF Studs

6-Stud Brake Drums

  • Landcruiser PCD 139.7mm – 6 x 1/2 UNF Studs
  • Nissan PCD 114.3mm – 6 x 1/2 UNF Studs

8-Stud Brake Drums

  • F250 - 8 x 1/2" Studs - 170mm PCD
  • F250 - 8 x 9/16" Studs - 170mm PCD
  • Ford 250 - 8 x 5/8" Studs - 170mm PCD
  • F250 - 8 x 1/2" Studs - 6.5-inch PCD
  • F250 - 8 x 9/16" Studs - 6.5-inch PCD
  • Ford 250 - 8 x 5/8" Studs - 6.5-inch PCD
  • LandRover - PCD 6.5" - 8 x 1/2 UNF Studs
  • Dodge Ram - PCD 6.5" -  8 x M14 Studs

Other PCDs are made to order. Contact Couplemate if your drum is not listed above.

Purchase High-Quality Trailer Brakes below

Suits LM Holden

  • Inner ID 31.75mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Outer ID 19.05mm, OD 45.20mm
  • Seal ID 37.5mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Grease Cap 45.20mm

Suits Slimline Ford

  • Inner ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Outer ID 22.00mm, OD 45.20mm
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Grease Cap 45.20mm

Please note: Not including Wheel nuts

Learn how to Troubleshoot Electric Drum Brakes

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