10-inch Ford Boat Trailer Disc Rotor – ElectroGal

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Trailer Disc Brake Rotor – ElectroGal

The ElectroGal trailer disc brake rotor is 10 inches in diameter and is used for braking boat trailers up to 1450kg. Electrogal disk rotors are manufactured in Australia by Couplemate.

High-grade steel was chosen as the foundation to build this superior disc rotor.

This disc rotor sets the industry standard for disc-braked axles and is the most popular rotor in our axle builds.


ElectroGal is a rust-inhibiting electrolytic coating formed on disc rotors due to the application of an electric current onto an anode and cathode.

The disc rotors are chemically clean of oils, dirt, dust and grime before being electrically bonded to a preparation coating before the ElectroGal process.

Disc stud patterns are Ford

  • Ford 4.5″ P.C.D.

ElectroGal rotors suit standard bearings on 39mm Round Axles to 40mm Square axles or SL bearings for 45mm Round Axles and larger.

Trailer Bearing Kit required but not included

A larger capacity braked disc rotor is available for 1600kg and 2250kg ratings and suits 5-stud and 6-stud Landcruiser hubs only.

Compatible with the following equipment:

ElectroGal Disc Brake Rotor – 1450kg Maximum rating

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions10 × 30 × 30 cm


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