2t to 3t Lazy Trailer Hub by Al-ko and Dexter


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2t – 3t Lazy Hub from AL-KO and Dexter

2t x Lazy Hub from AL-KO or Dexter, studded to Landcruiser or 8 Stud configuration. Note: Dexter Hubs are non-genuine.

Couplemate carries a good range of trailer hubs with a corrosion-resistant ElectroGal finish.

Give us a call if you require galvanised lazy hubs not listed here.

Lazy hubs P.C.D.

  • 2t or 3t L/cruiser (6 x 139.7 PCD 1/2 studs) (5 x 150mm 9/16″ studs)
  • 2t or 3t x 8 Stud Configuration

We recommend Japanese bearings for high-speed highway use and the longevity of your bearings.

  • Check your bearings yearly for water ingress or black carbon deposit in your grease.
  • Carbon black indicates bearing wear, so they will need replacing.
  • The carbon black comes from wear on the casing of the bearings.

You are likely to need Dee Shackles on your caravan.

Here is an excellent article on how to install a marine seal correctly.

2.25t AL-KO Caravan Bearing Kit

Fits part # CM402-2T-6S, CM402G-2T-6S, CM402-2T-5S, CM402G-2T-5S

3t AL-KO Caravan Bearing Kit

2t Dexter Bearing Kit

Fits Part # DLLC-6SD, DLLC-5SD

2t Dexter Bearing Kit

Fits part # CM402-2T-MT-6S

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