5 Stud Galvanised Lazy Hub


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5 Stud Galvanised Lazy Hub

5 Stud Galvanised Lazy Hubs are available on boat trailers and campers with 14-inch wheels or smaller.

All 150mm hubs are made in Australia by Couplemate.

Holden Bearings, Slimline bearings or Composite bearings are suitable for these five-stud galvanised lazy hubs.

Rated to 1450kg for Sl Ford Bearings and 1000kg for Holden LM bearings

Note: No Bearings or wheel nuts.

We recommend the use of chrome dome nuts to eliminate rusty rust that make it impossible to remove wheel nuts.

How to install an unbraked hub onto an axle

In particular, learn how to install marine seals. The same installation techniques apply to the installation of electric brake drums and disc rotors. As a result of using these installation techniques, you will achieve many maintenance-free journeys.

Available in the following PCD.

  • Ford 5 Stud S/L (5 x 114.3 PCD 1/2 studs)
  • HT/Torana (5 x 4.25” PCD 7/16 studs)
  • HQ (5 x 4.75″ PCD 7/16 studs)
  • LandCruiser (5 x150 PCD 9/16 studs)

We recommend Japanese bearings for high-speed highway use and the longevity of your trailer bearings. Check your bearings yearly for water ingress or black carbon deposit in your grease. Carbon black represents bearing wear, so they will need replacing. Carbon black comes from wear on the casing of the bearings.

In summary, galvanising unbraked trailer hubs has a negligible effect on the load rating. Should the weakening of centres concern you, Read this article.

Finally, call our experts for more information.

5 Stud Galvanised Lazy Unbraked Hub

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm
Stud Patterns

Holden HT 140mm, Holden HT 150mm, Commodore, Holden HQ, Ford, VW, 5 Stud Landcruiser, 6 Stud Landcruiser, 4 Stud Mini, 4 Stud Gemini, 4 Stud Datsun, 4 Stud Mazda


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