10-inch Electric Backing Plate Brake Kit

10-inch Electric Backing Plate Brake Kit


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10-inch Electric Caravan Drum Brake Assembly incl Park

10-inch Premium Electric Brake Assembly incl Park - Maximum rating 1600kg, Highway Magnets, Off-road Magnets and Dexter Magnets.

Couplemate backing plates are among the best, most reliable caravan brakes available. Additionally, they are suitable for Australian conditions.

Complete replacement of backing plates is often a better option than replacing worn components.

You may be unaware of other parts in your backing plate near the end of life. Replacing an entire backing plate is a relatively straightforward procedure.

This electric backing plate is used on slimline and parallel 10-inch caravan brake drums. Backing plates use 4 x 7/16 inch nylock nuts.

Couplemate also sells an extensive range of trailer and caravan spare parts for electric brake drums and backing plates.

Pre assembled electric backing plates

Backing Plate Magnets

  • Standard Highway Magnets
  • Off-Road Magnets. (left hand is the passenger's side, the right hand is the driver's side)

We recommend an off-road magnet if you plan to drive over corrugated roads for any length of time.

Four types of Caravan Electric Backing Plates

  • Standard - Horizontal Park Brake
  • Off-road - Horizontal Park Brake
  • Dexter Standard - non-genuine
  • Dexter Off-road - non-genuine (note: Off-road Magnets installed by Couplemate as required)

It might surprise you that not all 10-inch electric brake backing plates are the same. Inferior quality backing plates generate excess heat; as a result, they cause overheated bearings and grease.

The driver's side is the right-hand side. The passenger's side is the left side.

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Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
Backing Plate

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Brake Style

Dexter Style, Standard